Trailer Stuff

2021 Camper Planning

This page was initially started as a bookmark collection to help with my transition from backpack to trailer - where/whenever possible! The information will likely be rough/incomplete - mostly for my own use - my bookmarks and notes were ALL OVER THE PLACE!)

I STILL don't know what I don't know about any of this this stuff! Too Fun!

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Last Update 5 December 2021

Link Collection

Setup Stuff

Stuff to Get/Buy/Make

My list:

  1. Wheel Chocks! Got'em - XMAS Present*

  2. Leveling

  3. Water Pressure Regulator:

  4. Sewer Hose (25')

  5. Dump Station Wrench & Heavy Rubber Gloves!

  6. Tank Treatment - Happy Camper or Valtera

  7. Locks / Insurance

  8. Water Filter - Campco

  9. Water Hose - Zerog or campco

  10. Drop Hitch, 2" ball, 21" to top of ball

  11. Tool Set - WITH spare fuses + Square Headed screwdriver (#2 used alot)

T@B 320 Bike Rack Options

Final Set-up:

  • Had the RV dealer install Jack-It bike rack ... it was easiest!

Research/Useful links:

Brake Controller Links/Options/Info for 2020 Ouback Onyx Edition

Our Final Set-up:

  • Settled on an Autowbrake Trailer Mounted Controller. Seems to work well and makes it easier to switch Tow Vehicles

  • Had a 7-pin/4-pin Combo outlet installed by local shop recommended by our Trailer Dealer (see below)

  • Important Note! Due to the way dealer installed Autowbrake, it was imperative that we drive with lights on (not on auto!).

Research/Useful links:

Trailer Brake options


Hitch & 7-Way Trailer Wiring Links/Options/Info for 2020 Outback Onyx Edition

Final Set-up:

  • 2020 OEM Hitch Installed by Subaru Dealer when we bought the car (included 4-pin wiring)

  • Had a 7-pin/4-pin Combo outlet installed using the original Subaru Hitch bracket (7-pin is flush with bottom of bumper, faces DOWN). Had it professionally installed (Battery wire is under car - I probably would have ran that inside to keep it out of the elements)

  • Using Trailer-Mounted brake controller (see above)

Research/Useful links:

Subaru Hitch